Jay Burrows - Realtor

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Almost everyone I meet asks, "Why did you pick the Panda for your logo?" When I got into the real estate business, I knew I wanted to stand out and be different in every way possible!

When you have a child, one of the best things you get to do as a parent is to pick out your child's first toy. After my son was born, I found this cute little stuffed Panda that sang when you'd press its arms and legs - I knew instantly that was it. But this first Panda was just the beginning of the obsession. I'm a single parent, and my son and I share a special bond. During our time together we often enjoy watching movies.

After a process of elimination, we found that one of our mutual favorite films is - you guessed it "Kung Fu Panda". This whole Panda theme started to gain momentum. Working full-time doesn't leave much time for out-of-town trips, but a couple of years ago I was able to take my boy to the San Diego Zoo to see a REAL Panda (after about four years of anticipation!) I'm sure you can imagine how much that time can create fascination! So after I had my real estate license for about three months, I kept thinking of different ideas that I wanted my business brand to be built around. But nothing stuck. Then one day I heard the song Panda on the radio - and although I wasn't particularly in love with the song, it gave me a sign that I was headed in the right direction.

I can't think of a better way to build a business brand than to incorporate something close to your heart! My brand speaks volumes about how I want to represent my clients and how I choose to conduct business - with thoughtfulness and warmth; always making clients feel comfortable. I do business with a kind heart and my client's best interest in mind at all times.